There is no greater agony, than bearing an untold story within you.

-Maya Angelou



After school

During school


Summer programs

ALL PEOPLES, CENTRAL HIGH: Los Angeles, CA  During school Digital Media Arts classes for continuing education students with a focus on filmmaking, photography, and photo essay.

DIY SUMMER INSTITUTE:  Los Angeles, CA Summer Intensive Filmmaking Program. Students in the DIY Media Program converge to make a professional short documentary with professional equipment. Leads to work with DIY Productions. 

IS 528 BEA FULLERS ROGERS: Washington Heights, NYC  After school classes focusing on both documentary and narrative filmmaking.

MS 131:  Chinatown, NYC  After school classes Filmmaking classes focusing on immigrant struggles, past and present through poetry and filmmaking. 

ISSAC E YOUNG MIDDLE SCHOOL:  New Rochelle, NY  After school Filmmaking classes focusing on public service announcements about real-world issues (bullying, drugs etc.) chosen by students.

ISSAC E YOUNG MIDDLE SCHOOL:  New Rochelle, NYC   Summer Intenstive Filmmaking Program focused on promoting the local community history and activities.

92ND STREET YMCA:  UWS, NYC  After school classes focusing on narrative filmmaking and storytelling. 

LEARNING COMMUNITY CHARTER SCHOOL:  Jersey City, NJ   During school classes focusing on narrative filmmaking and storytelling with final project and screening.

GOVERNMENT AND LAW HIGH SCHOOL:  LES, NYC  After school classes focusing on narrative filmmaking and storytelling.



Summer programs


LAYN: Los Angeles, CA   Summer workshops in Photography and Poetry for homeless youth. Youth explore their identities through self-portraits and storytelling.

CRCD:  South Los Angeles, CA  Workshops in filmmaking for emancipated foster care youth.

KHMER GIRLS IN ACTION: Long Beach, CA Filmmaking workshops in story, camera and sound.


COVANANT HOUSE: NYC Workshops in Photography and Filmmaking for homeless transitional youth. Youth are paired with an individual filmmaker/mentor for project.

DIY MEDIA: Los Angeles, CA   Mentoring and teaching youth real-world skills and experience on professional projects through The Little Tokyo Service Center's program: DIY Productions.




DISKOVERY CENTER/LTSC: Little Tokyo, Los Angeles   Filmmaking, Photo Essay and Short Story workshops for seniors. Culminates with community invited film screenings, readings or art shows.


English as a Second Language

Computer Basics

Arts and Crafts



Harbor City, CA One-on-One instruction on reading, writing and speaking English.

HAMILTON MADISON SENIOR CENTER - LES/Chinatown, NYC   PC Basic computer classes for seniors.

CITYCARES.ORG  Various, NYC  Volunteer in various soup kitchens and work with children in shelters in and around Manhattan.

FRESHART.ORG NYC   Create and sew sock monkeys for sale in support of FreshArt's programs. All proceeds goes to freshart.org